March of Return protest leaves 49 Palestinian wounded

Palestinian suicide bomber kills six Israelis and injures 20.

In 1987, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, Hamas gained a foothold in Gaza. The group had been based in the Palestinian refugee camps of Gaza City since the mid-1960s . During the mid-1960s, it was a party with a nationalist slant. It also had strong ties in Fatah, a secular Shiite movement, and the ruling Fatah party had been led since 1987 by Rabin (the first Arab leader to be elected to parliament in a peace deal with Israel).

In 1987, the Gaza government was a coalition government with a Shiite bloc and a liberal Republican-Mubarak center-left coalition. It was split between government ministers from the two camps, and some of Hamas’s members left the Gaza government to make political contributions to the rival blocs of Fatah and Mubarak.

In 1987, Hamas was a force during the intifada (1957-1971), an uprising against Israeli occupation and rule. Hundreds of Palestinians

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