Experts claim there is no evidence of a risk to the public from passive vaping

However, I find it hard to believe this group of ‘consumers’ do not know or cannot distinguish between the two.

If I take a look at the most common brands I can see that there are a number of different vapers.

I can tell you, using E-liquid makes the difference between being healthy and being unhealthy.

For example, the following two examples were bought at the same time. Which one was the better smoke or not.

Using the above example, you can be sure which one was the more effective smoke. It is clear that the second did not smoke as well as the first in the time it took to inhale the smoke.

If E-liquid and smoke were to be mixed together it would obviously harm the health of the second. However, this same e-liquid made the first one healthier for most people. As this e-liquid is not harmful to the public.

The use of Nicotine

Anecdotal evidence has shown that nicotine is a powerful stimulant and has a variety of effects.

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