EU: Brexit deal in sight but UK must still do more

The head of the government’s special Representative of the United States to the EU, Jeffrey Sachs, said the EU must do more to convince the UK to change course on leaving.

“As the US and EU are the two global systems, the most important and fundamental challenge may be to overcome the inertia in the public policy direction in both jurisdictions, which makes it difficult for the EU and the US to agree on the same policies. This is a fundamental challenge that both countries can solve in a more cooperative way,” he said.

“In the end, if the UK is to remain a full member of EU, it has to convince the European public that Britain can successfully take part in shaping the EU’s future. In the meantime, it needs to continue to lead the EU in making clear its vision of the future, and encouraging the European public and policymakers to engage with Britain on the topic and to work towards a successful outcome.”

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