Coca-Cola makes world’s first bottle from recycled ocean plastic waste

The company’s plan will involve the re-sorting on the oceans in order to reduce toxic chemicals that can remain in plastic bottles longer than the life of the container.

The project will involve re-dumping old bottles into the sea, where they will be removed from the top as part of a marine conservation project. The bottles will then end up in landfills and a “dunked-bottle” collection site in the US where they will be composted and recycled. The aim is to reduce overall plastic production in the ocean by 70% and cut down on the number of plastic bottles that end up on landfills.

As long as the plastic bottles remain in the oceans as waste and not as a result of a recycling programme, there’s an environmental benefit. After all, the majority of people don’t drink recycled ocean plastic bottles. Coca-Cola, in fact, hopes recycling plastic will help the global economy recover after the economic crisis of 2008.

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