Climate change protests banned in London by police

A petition to ban the Occupy movement was launched by police on Tuesday.

Protesters are protesting the £3.2m police budget cut in the capital by Mayor Boris Johnson at a demonstration in the centre of London.

But a report published yesterday by the chief constable of Worcestershire police said the protesters should be allowed to camp inside City Hall after police made a series of arrests in recent weeks.

The decision to ban the Occupy protests provoked the protest groups to claim police had “censored” the movement.

However, the chief constable and police said that in addition, the protesters who have been arrested have been charged with breaches of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act.

Speaking at an event to mark National Citizens’ Day, the chief constable said: “This city is currently undergoing a tough economic recession. Crime and disorder continue to escalate with over 200 offences of serious disorder reported since the beginning of this year, the vast majority of them related to anti-social behaviour at the protests of climate.

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