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The U.S., Canada and Mexico Are Preparing for a Trade War With China. “Today, at the United Nations, the leaders of the world’s biggest economies, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico, will take further action in response to actions by China to challenge global trade. But the latest move by the Chinese government represents the end of American influence. The only way for China to solve its trade dispute with the U.S. is to work around our system and adopt a policy that excludes China. In the face of a U.S. policy change designed to isolate China economically, the Chinese will have to take a different approach — the type of approach that will have them playing by a different set of rules. And if they do, the U.S. has to respond by changing our own rules to accommodate them, in accordance with the World Trade Organization’s rules. That’s not how Washington wants to treat its closest trading partner, no matter how much they whine about it.”

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