Mexican Senate set to pass bill to legalize marijuana in next few days

In exchange for support, federal government supports Mexican drug war in US

It is hard for Mexicans to get their country’s Congress’ approval to legalize marijuana because Washington believes the drug trade is bad for Mexico’s economy, according to a Mexican congressman speaking to local media.

Mexican lawmakers are set to vote on a bill, supported by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, that aims to make cannabis legal in all of Mexico.

But the federal government has a history of vetoing Mexican-style laws, even though federal law is already allowing for the consumption and sale of marijuana in Mexico.

Mexico’s president on Tuesday gave his approval to the bill but the Obama administration did not immediately comment on the news.

In exchange for backing the bill, the federal government would give Mexico 10.5 million US dollars (£6.5 million) to spend on anti-drug efforts.

One of the biggest challenges to the bill would be to get the support of the United States Congress, where the Drug Enforcement Administration still opposes the notion of the use of cannabis.

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