Mass raids target Russian opposition leader Navalny, allies

Mass raids target Russian opposition leader Navalny, allies, including ‘anti-Maidan” protesters.

The Interior Ministry says a group carrying weapons and explosives stormed the opposition presidential challenger Viktor Yushchenko’s office in Kiev and demanded he surrender.

“The group arrived with heavy weapons and grenades and surrounded our office with machineguns and grenades,” Yulia Tymoshenko told a crowd of supporters.

“It is an obvious attempt to kill me, a target of our enemies and an agent of the US.”

Tymoshenko’s allies are now demanding that Interior Ministry officials reveal to them whether they know the identity of those responsible for her arrest.

The Interior Ministry says that Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko is on the scene, but there was no immediate word of his whereabouts, or whether he knows his boss’s whereabouts.


Tymoshenko and her deputies were arrested at a meeting of the opposition in the main parliament building in central Kiev on Monday, hours after Yushchenko narrowly survived an unprecedented revolt against him in September.

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