Japan typhoon death toll climbs to 74, rescuers search for missing people

A powerful tropical cyclone slammed into Puerto Rico with 185-mph winds, leaving at least 84 people dead and another 94 missing with at least four deaths reported, the National Hurricane Center said.

In Washington on Tuesday, National Hurricane Center deputy director Dennis Feltgen said they expect more deaths in Puerto Rico.

“All of this is an incredibly complicated situation with a really complicated set of drivers,” Feltgen said at a briefing, referring to “pockets of strong upper air that push through the system on either side.”

“This particular system (Puerto Rico) is not on a clear, consistent track and (there are) a lot of unknowns right now. Things that are not known in advance,” he said.

Officials on the ground have been using the storm to try to determine what went wrong on the island after Hurricane Maria devastated its electric grid in September.

The storm could bring winds to near 70 mph and force up to 50 inches (12 meters) of rain.

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