12 Grocery Stores That Will Cure Your OCD

1. This perfect pool of cranberries:

u/FrenchJohnStockton / Via

2. These cereal boxes that repeat:

u/xrainbowpizza / Via

3. This overly designed pile of carrots:

u/Saboooom / Via

4. These Tea’s are to a T:

u/zretty / Via

5. These bananas delicately placed:

u/cookiesrejected / Via

6. This almost makes me want to eat veggies:

u/Jayzulu / Via

7. Vegetable aisle that wins at tetris:

u/blanket__thief / Via

8. La Croix that is La-perfect:

u/yikes_on_a_bike / Via

9. No one should eat tomatoes this perfect:

u/blokkiesam / Via

10. Cans that can’t do much better:

u/itsamekay / Via

11. Drinks freshly aligned:

u/TheMiniDuck / Via

12. Fruit aisle? More like fruit heaven:

u/sorry_wasntlistening / Via

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